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370 Osceola Avenue , Jacksonville Beach, Fl 32250

(904) 247-9196

There’s no denying the power of bodywork. Regardless of the adjectives we assign to it (pampering, rejuvenating, therapeutic) or the reasons we seek it out (a luxurious treat, stress relief, pain management), massage therapy can be a powerful ally in your healthcare regimen.

A facial can offer many benefits. The face is always subject to the elements such as the sun, maybe smoke or an improper at home regime. Facials offer you the opportunity to work with a professional skin care specialist who will analyze your skin, help you improve your complexion and show you how to take proper care of your skin.

Waxing is the most common of hair-removal techniques in spas today. At La Bella Mi we use both Hard wax(blue) and soft wax. Our Aesthetician(s) are Professionals who are highly trained and skilled in hair removal. They will determine which wax is best suited for your skin.

La Bella Mi is in the Day Spa and Salon Industry and proudly serves Jacksonville Beach, FL, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, Atlantic Beach, FL, Neptune Beach, FL and the entire Jacksonville, Fl area. La Bella Mi offers a wide range of Massage Therapy, Facials, Body Waxing and Nail Services.

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